Chiller Technology

Advanced Software Control

ZPC Control Screen 1

The Zeropoint Chiller bespoke software allows the user to easily and clearly change and monitor the realtime settings of the chiller operating parameters. The software shows the state of each component in the refrigeration and coolant circuits. All normal running and fault conditions are shown and accessed via the main or compact windows.

ZPC Control Screen 2

Realtime heat load calculations are made by the software which allows the user to see the heat load produced by the equipment being cooled.

ZPC 2A compact version window can run on the computer desktops while working on other programmes or minimised into the tool bar.

ZPC 4A fully accessible parameters screen allows the user to adjust the chiller settings to any given application.

ZPC 1Tuning screens allow the user to tune the chiller response to allow a faster or slower heat load control dependent on the requirement. The Zeropoint Chillers can also be pre-programmed in house during test to meet a customers exact needs.

Bespoke software can also be written and integrated to match a specific customers requirements.



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