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Litron Lasers, a world leading manufacturer of scientific and industrial laser systems had a need for very high specification chillers to control its high frequency laser systems. Being disatisfied with the range of chillers on offer decided to design and build their own.

After 2 years rugged field testing in harsh environments all over the world as part of Litron Laser systems the resulting products are second to non in specification, ease of use, compactness, low carbon footprint and ultra reliability. All the things Litron originally demanded.
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Although Zeropoint Chillers is a young company it benefits from being a wholly owned subsidiary of Litron lasers and thus has the full financial backing and R&D support allowing its continuing aim to drive chiller technology even further forward.


Is to create a product that offers unrivalled performance and reliability. Through this vision our uncompromising choice to use the best components available and develop our chillers to undergo the most demanding tests ensures we achieve what is fundamental to Zeropoint.


Is to develop and produce chillers that are industrially reliable and of the highest technical specification available. In today’s marketplace the increasing complexity of the end-user product requires seamless integration with extensive diagnostics, At Zeropoint our aim is to deliver on all of these requirements.


We continue to focus on the demanding needs of our customers to feed innovation. Our commitment also ensures that our chillers have low running costs, are ecologically sympathetic and are simple to maintain and operate. We are also committed to providing the best solution possible for the application and provide custom solutions for bespoke requirements.

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