Chiller Technology

Zeropoint Advantages

The Highest specifications as standard.

Standard Features Across the Range

Optional Features

• High performance, low running costs
• Water stability +/- 0.1˚C
• Cooling circuit fully compatible with deionized water
• Visual water level display with two point warning signals
• Intelligent and adaptable RS232 software
• CAN bus connection
• Easy fill and drain reservoir on front panel
• 50/60Hz dual frequency
• High accuracy flow monitoring
• Flow rate adjustable via bypass valve on front panel
• Quick change output particle filter on front panel
• Output pressure sensor
• Inlet and outlet temperature sensors
• Ambient temperature sensor
• Adjustable PWM 24VDC high power fan control
• Customer fault interlocks via 9 way standard D-type
• Chiller real-time heat load calculations
ZPC both models• Remote start
• 500 Watt reservoir heater

• Remote output temperature sensor
(up to 50 metres from chiller)
• Quick change input particle filter on front panel
• Colour coded front panel to match your equipment
• Conductivity metering and control
• Deionized water cartridge
• Second flow meter turbine
• Custom pump configurations
• Custom design and integration available
• Special voltage requirements
• Remote controller
• Under voltage supply protection circuit

Remote Controller

Zeropoint chillers provide a range of compact rackmount and free standing portable chillers that are designed to cool heat loads from 750-6000W. Bespoke systems can be supplied up to 25kW.

Our chillers have been engineered for laser, medical, scientific and manufacturing applications. With full PID control and intelligent computer interface software the chillers can be stabilised to within ±0.1˚C of the set temperature.

Zeropoint Chillers product performance ChartFrom the outset it has been the philosophy of Zeropoint Chillers to source all critical components exclusively from the world leading European manufacturers. This delivers the confidence that the best components available on the market today are used in all of our products.

The use of RS-50 (R442a) refrigerant by Zeropoint can realise substantial cost savings for users because it is significantly more energy efficient than most other refrigerants on the market today. With a low GWP (global warming potential), combined with a high co-efficient of performance, RS-50 (R442a) produces a low carbon footprint.

The R series (rackmount) recirculation chillers are amongst the smallest in its class. The ZP20R (2000W) enclosure measures just 7U in height. The chillers are easy to service and maintain with all filters and drainage via the front panel, there is no need to remove the unit from the rack.

The F series (free standing) recirculation chillers are also extremely compact. The ZP20F (2000W) enclosure measures just 660mm in height. Service and maintenance is easy with all filters and drainage via the front panel. There is also, where remote use is important, an optional remote control making these chillers even more flexible in use.

Quiet operation and very low vibration levels make all Zeropoint chillers ideal for most applications. With a choice of different pump configurations of up to 10 litres per minute at 4 bar all flow requirements can be met.

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