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Zeropoint Design Approach


Whether the design brief is generated internally, or by a customer, the same meticulous planning and design procedure is followed to ensure uncompromising quality.

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Careful planning and discussions provide a detailed working specification. Interaction with the end user is paramount at this point of the process ensuring that all the customer requirements are met or exceeded. Design concepts are combined with innovative solutions to meet exacting requirements. Zeropoint’s approach to all its products is “DFR” DESIGNED FOR RELIABILITY this is a core design principle.


Once the initial design phase has been completed rapid prototyping enables a proof of concept design to be extensively tested and characterized to our exacting standards.

Life time testing of the
pre-production product continues, this is crucial to the life cycle success since the basis for a specification changes with time, market, technology and the evolution of the design itself.


Only after the product has now met the design and test requirements that a fully documented build and test procedure is generated to enable repeatable build quality to an exceptionally high standard. Every last detail is considered to ensure that you receive an unrivalled product every time.

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